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Repair Car Or Buy New

Repair Your Car Or Buy A New One?

To Repair Your Car or Buy a New One…

That is the Question

All-Car Specialists main concerns are that your vehicle is running well and that our customers are happy.  Some of the best advice we can give to you is that it is less costly to do preventative maintenance than to wait until something breaks. Keeping a file on your auto repair records is smart way of doing this. It gives you a reference of last servicing and helps keep everything running smoothly.

A great tip to start doing this, as boring as this may sound at first, is to occasionally read through your owner’s manual. You’ll find manufacturer recommendations for servicing components of your specific auto. Basic important servicing tips are replacing your oil on a regular basis at about 3,000-5,000 miles and with the ‘exact’ type of recommended oil. This is also a perfect time to check all fluids and only use the recommended types. When you bring your car in, we make sure to check of the necessary components for you so you can rest assured your car will be running smoothly. This includes the brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and trans axle fluid.

Another important check is the windshield washer solvent to clean your windows, antifreeze fluid and battery connection cables to make sure they are free of corrosion. Parts that affect your performance and economy should also be maintained on a periodic basis such as spark plugs and fuel injectors both of which if in need of servicing can ruin your gas mileage. Check our discount section for occasional discount offers on servicing for many important items, even a multi-point check.

Should You Repair Your Car or Buy New?

Unknown Condition of a newer car vs the Known Factor of your current one

Repair Car or Buy New

In the current economic times, it’s hard to ignore the fact that millions of jobs are cutting workers and new jobs are hard to come across. You may be asking yourself the question if I should keep my car or purchase a new one or, upgrade to a new make. 90% of Americans own a car making an average of 2.28 vehicles per household. While many people consider small repairs to be the time they should trade in their car for a newer one, but what must be considered is that a small brake repair or required maintenance will far cheaper to what it costs to buy a new car. The overall costs are higher because of all the other factors that go up like insurance, a new loan, and a down payment, plus as with any new car, the minute you drive it off the showroom floor you just threw thousands of dollars away and you are even then, driving a used car.

With the proper auto repair and care, your vehicle can easily make it to 200,000 miles. Selling your old car to the dealer and buying a new one only will benefit one person, and that`s the dealer. If you own you current car free and clear, you have no monthly payments, another consideration. If you are worried about driving an older car, it does not hurt to have a AAA membership to insure yourself for surprises.

Here at All Car Specialists we understand the dilemmas you face whether you should repair your car or take the step to buy a new one possibly strapping yourself down with payments you can`t afford. We suggest no matter what you decide, always maintain your car in order to keep it running smoothly. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, and other general maintenance is a good way to do exactly that.

Many times we will be inspecting your vehicle and suggest future maintenance repairs in order to take care of them before a bigger problem arises. Think of it this way, some small maintenance repairs might seem like they add up, but they will also prevent big problems that come from ignoring these repairs. They will save you money in the long run and keep you safely on the road for as long as possible. Remember, All Car Specialists is a AAA Approved, Auto Center in San Gabriel so you can get your car serviced with confidence.


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