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Toyota Truck Lease Maintenance

Leased Car Maintenance

Leased Car Maintenance

Many people that drive lease cars are under the impression, “Why do I have to maintain it, It’s not my car” or “ I will find the cheapest way to perform the minimum maintenance because I am just going to turn it in anyway.”  We had a customer that didn’t do any maintenance to his leased vehicle and the engine failed.  He was looking for maintenance records, so he would not have to pay for the engine on his leased car. We did not have any records for him, so he asked if the lease company if they would be able to tell if the car hasn’t been regularly maintained. The answer is yes.  He ended up having to pay for a new engine out of his own pocket.  The moral of the story is don’t be that guy.

Many modern vehicles can last up to 300k miles, but not without maintenance.  The reality is you could end up purchasing your car lease for a lot less money than buying the same car.  So the question is why wouldn’t you maintain the vehicle and reap all the benefits?

Benefits of regular car maintenance:

  • Safer car to drive
  • Better fuel economy
  • Higher resale value if you purchase the lease and re-sell yourself.
  • Saving money in the long run

Maintenance on any vehicle

People that don’t maintain their vehicle end up with many unexpected expenses and they are usually bigger repairs that could have been avoided.  It can be compared to going to the dentist regularly, it’s important to keep your teeth healthy so you can avoid large dental problems that are very costly.
Please visit us at All- Car to discuss all of your vehicle maintenance needs.  Let us help your vehicle safer and keep those unexpected costs under control.